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This unit of CE will detail the current state of the IRS’s audit procedures for lawsuits.

This unit of CE is based on the Audit Guide Rev. 5/2011.

Please note that while this guide provides the framework that the IRS advises it’s employees to follow. however, it is not binding on the IRS nor is the actual guide substantial authority from which to base a tax position on.

In practice, it is a useful guide but any actual position taken must be based on a thorough understanding of the underlying code, regulations, and case law.

This CE Unit is suitable for professionals seeking to broaden their experience with audit representation and settlement taxation. It will provide useful information to both tax professionals and legal professionals seeking to better understand the hazards of further litigation their clients may face after an initial settlement.

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A short course on Drake Macros for the 2017 platform. Many may still work in future years.

A short course going over the basics of traditional innocent spouse relief as it pertains to §6015(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. By the end of the course, students will be able to articulate what §6015(b) relief is, what isn't, and when it should be applied to an innocent spouse claim. This 1 credit course will be part of a series which will walk students through the various sections of §6015.

Before moving on to more advanced topics students are highly encouraged to complete the basic units on §6015(b) traditional relief, §6015(c) separation of liability relief, §6015(F) equitable relief, §6015: Other Considerations, §6015: An Overview, and §6015: A History.

A test course to see what a standard self-study course might look like.

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